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Messages posted by: ljacomet  XML
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Ehcache standalone server is an open source component that is no longer maintained. As such it will not work with newer versions of Ehcache but should still work with the versions it was targeting.
Of course you can test it with the trial license.

I was just saying you need a different jar, which you will be able to download at the location indicated.

Hi Kunal,

You need to get an Enterprise version of Ehcache in order to test this.
For that you can download BigMemory Go. You cannot use the ehcache jar found in Maven.

You will then have to add the ehcache-ee jar found under <KIT_ROOT>/lib to your classpath instead of the OSS ehcache jar.

The following both work:


Although I hit an error once, but refreshing the page made it go away.

The link used above as a trailing '.' causing errors with it.

Hope this helps!

This should not be the case and we are looking into it.

Will keep you updated once the situation has been resolved.

Yes this is what I mean.

But your use case will not be at risk because of that. Ehcache will make sure your offheap usage never goes above 3Gb.
  • OffHeap allocates all memory required at CacheManager / Cache initialization and never frees it for the lifetime of the JVM.
  • Ehcache does not have a background clean up, so removal of expired objects will happen in-line or when there is memory pressure and eviction kicks in
  • To monitor internal OffHeap use, look at statistics such as net.sf.ehcache.statistics.StatisticsGateway#getLocalOffHeapSizeInBytes

    Does the above answer your question?
  • A Terracotta Sever Array is a grouping of multiple physical servers, most often running a single JVM each which is then viewed as single logical unit by Terracotta clients.

    See the following documentation for more information

    Can you indicate which version of quartz you downloaded?


    If I read your explanation correctly, I believe there is confusion here.
    Starting two different applications will start two different JVMs (even if based on the same JVM files).
    So it is expected that you do not see the changes you perform (added cache, put entry).

    If I am misunderstanding you, can you clarify your setup?

    Hope this helps,
    Services experienced interruptions due to an internal migration.

    Could you retry now and let us know if there are remaining issues?

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience,
    Hi Chandan,

    There is no license change in the 3.7.x line.

    There are changes for the 4.0.x and 4.1.x lines, which have become commercial products only.

    Just did, the output is:
    Stats on is: true 

    If I add an else clause with a print statement to the
    if( !cache.isSearchable() ) 

    condition, it is printed as expected.

    Again, you should check if your classpath contains another ehcache.xml.
    Also note that CacheManager.create() is a singleton CacheManager, so if it was created in the JVM before, you will get that one, not a new one.
    You may want to try one of the CacheManager constructors, to make sure you end up loading the correct configuration.
    You are correct.

    You are not missing anything as far as I can tell.

    Could you have another ehcache.xml on your classpath?
    What happens if you try accessing a cache with a different name, like "noSuchCache"?

    Just adding the <searchable/> tag in your configuration is not going to get you much.

    Have a look at Ehcache Search Documentation and try with a more complete example.
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